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three kids hunting easter eggs

30 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Kids (Fun and Frugal Easter Gifts!)

Need some non-candy Easter basket ideas for kids? Giving kids candy for Easter is a time-honored tradition for some families. In fact, the giving of chocolate eggs for Easter actually dates back to 19th century Europe. Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans–they’re all sweet treats that can make Easter feel special. But the resulting sugar …

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child holding a question mark sign over his head

100+ Funny Questions to Ask Kids (to Get to Know Them Better!)

Funny Questions to Ask Kids Do you have a child who’s always full of questions? The average preschooler can ask anywhere from 200 to 300 questions per day and as many as 40,000 questions by the age of 5. And if you’re their go-to person for answers, the constant barrage of questions can be a …

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