30 Brilliant Stay at Home Mom Gifts That Moms Need (and Want!)

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Need some gift ideas for stay at home moms?

Finding the right gift for a stay at home mom can sometimes be challenging. Should you be looking for stay at home mom gifts that are fun? Practical? Something a mom wants or something a mom truly needs?

Every SAHM is different when it comes to what type of gift they’d like to receive. So I’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect gift for a stay at home mom!

There are lots of stay at home mom gifts to choose from. And I guarantee you’ll find at least one thing on this gift wish list that a mom in your life will love.

Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts or gifts for another special occasion, here are some of the best gifts for stay at home moms to buy now.

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woman stressing over a dirty house


The Organized Home course for busy moms can help! This course covers everything you need to know to get your house in order and stop stressing over the mess!

Self Care Gifts for Stay at Home Moms


Pillows might seem like an odd stay-at-home mom gift idea but consider this:

Four in 10 moms say the best gift they could receive is a good night’s sleep.

You can help make better sleep possible by giving the gift of some cozy pillows.


You can’t go wrong with a warm blanket as a self care gift idea for stay at home moms.

They can use it to cuddle up with the kids for afternoon story time or grab a quick cat nap solo.

Aromatherapy diffuser

Aromatherapy can help to soothe the tired stay at home mom’s soul.

This diffuser set makes a perfect stay at home mom gift, plus it’s super stylish!

Skin care kit

Stay at home moms want to look their best but between keeping a clean house and raising kids, your skincare routine can suffer.

Luckily, I Dew Care makes some amazing skincare products that make it easy to have healthy, glowing skin! It’s a great gift idea for busy stay at home moms who want to up their skincare game.

Stress relief cards

Being a stay at home mom can be stressful and it can easily lead to mom burnout.

These stress relief and self care cards are a great stay at home mom gift for mamas who need a few minutes a day to meditate.

Neck massager

One of the best stay at home mom gifts is a relaxing massage.

If you know a mom who could use a massage but doesn’t have time to book a day at the spa, you could gift them this comforting neck massager instead.



TheraBox is a self care subscription box that includes everything a stay at home mom needs to unwind and do a little pampering.

Each box includes a mix of items curated by therapists that are designed to help moms relieve day to day stress.

Health and Fitness Stay at Home Mom Gifts

Yoga mat

Yoga can be a great gift idea for stay at home moms who want to stretch and relax.

This yoga mat is nonslip, eco-friendly and perfect for doing yoga or pilates at home.

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit makes it easy for stay at home moms to keep track of their steps and calories burned each day.

This Fitbit 3 is water-resistant and includes 15 exercise modes for the busy mom on the move!

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are great for getting a general workout or strength training.

This resistance band set is great for moms who want a simple way to tone and stay in shape.


Kettlebells can deliver a solid upper body workout for moms who are looking for a simple way to strength train.

This kettlebell set comes with three different weight options for creating a custom workout.

Water bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated when working out. These cute water bottles are a motivating reminder for stay at home moms to drink up!

Barbella box

barbella box

Barbella is a monthly subscription box for women who want to stay in shape.

Each box comes with workout gear, apparel, snacks and more for stay at home moms who want to get fit!

Practical Stay at Home Mom Gifts

Instant Pot

Instant Pot is one of the best gifts for stay at home moms who want to save time.

It’s great for whipping up delicious meals fast with minimal fuss or clean-up!

Ninja Foodi

I couldn’t do without my Ninja Foodi. It’s the perfect stay at home mom gift who wants to be able to multitask in the kitchen without wasting time.

Echo Dot

Echo Dot can be a busy stay at home mom’s best friend.

Moms can use Echo Dot to check the weather, set alarms, adjust the thermostat or just let the kids know dinner is ready.


Know a mom who hates dusting or struggles with keeping floors clean with messy kids or pets?

A Roomba is one of the best stay at home mom gifts for mamas who want to keep their homes clean in less time.

Dyson cordless vacuum

Know a mom who could use a new vacuum?

The Dyson cordless vacuum is lightweight and easy to handle. You can even turn it into a handheld vac to get those hard to reach places.


One of the biggest stay at home mom struggles has to be helping everyone else in the family find the things they’ve lost.

Tile makes it easy to track down keys, phones, wallets, remotes and more using Bluetooth technology. It’s a perfect gift for busy moms who want to avoid a daily scavenger hunt.

Amazon Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a practical gift for stay at home moms because it’s good for multiple things.

Moms can use it to stream movies and TV shows. Plus, they get free two-day shipping on Prime-eligible orders!

Amazon Prime Music

As a work at home mom, I always have music playing in the background.

Amazon Prime Music is a great gift for stay at home moms who are music lovers. There are over 50 million songs to stream AND moms get free two-day shipping!

Audible subscription

Know a stay at home mom who loves to read but never seems to have time?

An Audible subscription could be the best gift of all!

With Audible, moms can listen to audiobooks while they make dinner, clean the house, wait in the school pickup line or run errands. It’s a gift that keeps giving all year long.

Amazon gift card

Coming up with an idea for a stay at home mom gift isn’t always easy. So the best gift you can give may be a gift card.

With an Amazon gift card, stay at home moms can shop for things they want, need or a little of both!

Thoughtful Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

Self-love workbook

As a SAHM, I know there’s a LOT of pressure to do everything and be everything all the time. And really, it’s exhausting.

This self love workbook is a great gift idea for stay at home moms who need a gentle reminder that they’re perfect just the way they are.

Gratitude journal

Being a busy stay-at-home mom means you don’t always have time to slow down and count your blessings. Making gratitude journaling a regular part of your daily routine can help you get grounded and be thankful for all that you have.

This beautiful 52-week gratitude journal is designed to help you cultivate a regular gratitude practice. You can jot down three things you’re grateful for each day and your big wins for the week. Plus, it includes a weekly gratitude challenge that’s optional.

It’s a perfect gift for any busy stay at home mom who needs a daily reminder to stop and smell the roses.

Amy Knapp family organizer

Staying organized can make life as a stay at home mom so much easier.

I love this family organizer from Amy Knapp for staying on top of everything I have to do day in and day out.

Mama Bear personalized tumbler

Looking for a fun and cute idea for stay at home mom gifts?

This Mama Bear tumbler is customizable so you can add up to 10 cubs. It makes a great birthday gift, holiday gift or Mother’s Day gift!

Coffee and a classic

coffee and a classic
What busy stay at home mom couldn’t use a cup of coffee to start their day?

With the Coffee and a Classic box, they can get a classic book and coffee delivered to their door each month!

Sparkle Hustle Grow box

sparkle hustle grow box
Know a stay at home mom who wants to start their own business?

The Sparkle Hustle Grow box can get them motivated to pursue their mompreneur dreams!

This fun monthly subscription box includes contributions from business-building experts like Jen Sincero, Shonda Rimes and Mariah Coz. It’s an ideal mom boss gift!

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers can be the perfect pick me up for stay at home moms. They can add a splash of color to a home and bring in a little sunshine even on cloudy days.

Final thoughts on the best stay at home mom gifts

Choosing the best gifts for stay at home moms comes down to knowing what the moms in your life need or want. I’ve given you 30 great gift ideas for stay at home moms that any gift recipient would love to have.

You can also use this gift list as inspiration when someone asks what you’d like for your birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day. Or you can try these awesome gardening gifts for moms!

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best stay at home mom gifts
Best Stay at Home Mom Gifts

What are your favorite stay at home mom gifts?