Gardening Gifts for Moms: 35 Amazing Gifts for Moms Who Love to Garden

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Looking for the perfect gift for a mom who has a green thumb?

The best gardening gifts for moms are ones that are either useful and functional or help to brighten up a mom’s garden. There are lots of great ideas for things to give a gardening mom, whether she tends an herb garden, a collection of raised beds in a small backyard or a full-scale vegetable garden.

Stumped on what to buy to help mom’s gardening work along? Take a look at these amazing gardening gift ideas that are perfect for Mother’s Day, the holidays, a birthday or any other special occasion!

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Ideal Gardening Gifts for Moms

Best Gardening Gifts for Moms

1. Sloggers garden shoes

Sloggers garden shoes are the perfect gift for any gardening mom who spends a lot of time digging in the dirt.

These waterproof shoes come in lots of different colors and different styles. They feature an “all-day comfort” insole so not only are they cute but they’re a practical gift as well.

You can choose from the regular selection of Sloggers garden shoes or upgrade to the full boot version.

2. Hori Hori garden knife

A Hori Hori is one of the most useful gardening gifts for moms who want to make seed planting easier.

This gardening knife has a super-sharp blade that’s imprinted with a built-in measurement system. This makes it easier to measure how deep to dig when planting seeds or seed starts.

The Hori Hori knife pictured here comes with a leather sheath for storage and is the perfect garden gift for landscaping, weeding, digging, cutting and planting.

3. Sun hat

A sun hat is a great gardening gift for moms who spend a lot of time outdoors and want to protect their skin from the sun’s rays.

Choosing a sun hat with a wide brim is ideal for shading mom’s delicate scalp and the back of the neck. The best part about offering sun hats as a gardening gift is that there are so many styles and different colors to choose from!

Tip: Choose a sun hat with a lanyard or chin strap to keep it from blowing off in windy weather.

4. Garden kneeler

A garden kneeler is a practical and thoughtful gift for gardening moms. The right kneeler pad can protect mom’s knees during long days while she’s enjoying her gardening work.

There are different garden kneelers to choose from but a sturdy foam kneeler is a great choice. You can find them in various sizes and colors to suit the style of the gardening mom you’re shopping for.

5. Garden gloves

Gloves are the perfect gardening gift for keeping mom’s hands clean and protecting them from scratches or scrapes while digging in the dirt.

You can find gardening gloves at different price points but it’s important to consider how functional they are.

Long garden gloves with a drawstring and straps, for example, are highly functional as they’ll stay in place when mom is working. But you might choose some clawed-finger garden gloves which are great for moms who want to use their hands to dig without getting their hands dirty.

6. Gardening tools set

One thing garden lovers can’t live without is a good set of gardening tools.

The gardening mom on your gift list might already have some go-to garden tools she loves. But gifting her a new set of hand tools may be just the thing to help along mom’s gardening work.

And a starter set of garden tools is a perfect gift idea for moms who are testing out their green thumbs for the first time!

7. Tub Trugs

Tub Trugs are flexible tubs that make great gardening gifts for moms who want a simple way to carry and spread soil, collect clippings or debris or just stash all of their garden tools in one place.

These flexible tubs come in lots of different colors and they’re a great addition to any backyard garden!

8. Garden scissors

Garden scissors are perfect for pruning and trimming, whether you have indoor plants or outdoor ones.

The best garden scissors have large holes so moms can use them while wearing garden gloves. They’re also made of durable materials and feature blades that stay sharp.

You might also consider a pair of pruners to go along with garden scissors. This way, mom is prepared to trim thicker and thinner branches and vines.

9. Garden stakes

Garden stakes are an essential gardening gift for moms who want to keep seedlings and young plants growing steadily. They can also be used to train fruit trees and mark off different areas in a backyard garden.

This could be a great gift idea for a small garden or a large one during the growing season or all year-round.

10. Gardening apron

A gardening apron can be a great stash-all gift for moms who are constantly on the move when gardening. 

You can choose a gardening apron with pockets for garden gloves, a pair of pruners, seed packets or small gardening tools. 

11. Garden cart

A sturdy garden cart can make mom’s gardening work easier if she needs something large for lugging soil, hauling mulch clippings or garden debris.

When comparing garden carts or garden wagons, look at the size and the weight. A good garden cart should be made to list but it should also be lightweight enough for any gardening mom to get around the garden.

12. Soil pellets

Soil pellets are a highly functional gardening gifts for moms who have an indoor garden or an outdoor one.

Peat pellets are perfect for starting new plants. These dehydrated pellets are made of peat moss and all they need to work is a little cold water and of course, some plant seeds.

Gardening moms can pair seed pellets with biodegradable pots to get their garden going in no time.

13. Wooden plant markers

Wooden plant markers are a lovely gift for moms who want to add a rustic look to their garden.

Bamboo plant markers add a special touch to an outdoor space. You can choose from pre-printed wooden plant markers that have plant names on them. Or you can pick ones that moms can personalize themselves.

14. Farmer’s Almanac

A Farmer’s Almanac is a must-have gardening gift for moms because it’s full of practical, expert advice.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is packed with tips on gardening, planting and how to make the most of the growing season. Any mom who’s part of the gardening world will appreciate having this go-to reference on hand.

15. Plant seeds

Seeds also make great gardening gifts for moms who want to grow their favorite plants, fruits and vegetables.

You can pick individual seed packets, based on mom’s taste. For example, your mom might love to get some apricot seeds or tomato seeds.

Or you can choose a mix of flower seeds if your mom is hoping to grow her own secret garden of beautiful flowers.

16. Raised gardening bed

Raised gardening beds are ideal for gardening in a small space.

They’re perfect for growing plants and vegetables on a back deck or porch. And they’re super simple to put together. 

17. Grow light

A grow light is an amazing gardening gift for moms who have a small indoor garden or are planning a larger backyard garden.

Grow lights can provide seedlings with the light they need to grow when sunlight is scarce. This version comes with different light settings for vegetables, seedlings and flowering plants so it’s perfect for whatever mom wants to grow.

18. Aerogarden

Aerogarden makes it easy to garden inside all year round even through cold winter months. It’s great for growing peppers and other small vegetables or starting a small herb garden.

Aerogarden is soil-free so it’s super easy to maintain. You just add seeds, water and nutrients then sit back and watch your plants grow!

19. Soil moisture gauge

A soil moisture gauge can instantly tell gardening moms when plants need water. 

This is an affordable gardening gift for moms who worry about over- or under-watering their plants. 

20. Clay pot scrub brush

Clay pots are a staple of many gardens but they can easily get stained.

This clay pot scrub brush makes it easy to keep pots clean and looking new even when they’re being used again and again. 

21. Watering can

A watering can is another staple item for any gardening mom. 

Depending on whether she has an indoor garden or an outdoor garden, you can choose from a small watering can or a large one. 

22. Compost bucket

Compost makes for great fertilizer for backyard gardens.

A simple, yet stylish compost bucket like this one looks great sitting on the kitchen counter. And it’s also functional for moms who want to start composting fruits, veggies and other food waste. 

23. Bird feeders

Bird feeders are a perfect choice for gardening moms who love to listen to the birds sing and chirp while they garden.

There are different sizes and styles to choose from and you can add some birdseed to the gift as well. Just keep in mind where the gardening mom you’re buying for lives.

In Southern California, for example, gardeners have been encouraged to skip the bird feeders and create backyard habitats for birds after a widespread salmonella outbreak among songbirds in 2021.

24. Wind chimes

Wind chimes are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space.

They can add a calming touch as they make music blowing in the breeze. And the right type of wind chime could even bring good luck!

25. Guardian angel garden statue

A guardian angel statue can be a beautiful addition to any garden. 

You can purchase a guardian angel statue in remembrance of a lost loved one or simply to watch over mom’s plants as they grow. 

26. Suncatcher

A suncatcher is another beautiful conversation piece that can brighten up virtually any garden.

And just like with wind chimes, some suncatchers can be pretty to look at and they can bring good luck to the gardener. 

27. The Secret Garden book

The Secret Garden tells the story of Mary Lennox, a young girl orphaned by a choleric epidemic who’s sent to live with her uncle in Yorkshire. Barred from exploring the house, she stumbles upon a secret walled garden that allows her to unlock the magic of nature.

This book is a must-read for gardening moms who want to reconnect with what they love about gardening in the first place. 

28. Gardening journal

A gardening journal is a great gift idea for the mom who wants to stay organized or just have a place to record her thoughts about gardening. 

These are also good gardening gifts for moms who need a place to track plantings and growing season dates.

29. Gardening books

Gardening books are always full of expert advice about how to make a garden grow better. 

Here are some of the best gardening books for moms who want to see their efforts bloom:

30. Pretty planters

Pretty planters can brighten up any garden or outdoor space and they’re ideal gardening gifts for moms.

You can choose from hanging planters for the mom who’s working in a small space. Or larger wooden ones for moms who want to add a rustic, natural touch.

31. Small plants

Knowing a gardening mom who only has a small space to nurture her love of plants?

A live plant is a good gift to offer for someone who may not have much space or much time to garden. Air plants are a great option, as they don’t require much maintenance and they can thrive indoors.

And if you want to give mom some cash, try this money gift tree. It makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

32. Cut flowers

A bouquet of fresh cut flowers is a beautiful way to show a gardening mother love and appreciation.

I always send my mom fresh flowers as a Mother’s Day gift but you don’t necessarily need a special occasion to make a gift of flowers. For example, they can be the perfect pick-me-up for a stressed mom who may be feeling a little burned out.

33. Gift baskets

Gardening gift baskets are another great way to show appreciation for a mom who loves to garden.

You can put together a gift basket full of gardening goodies yourself. Or you can shop premade gift baskets for gardeners online.

34. Gardening subscription box

A gardening subscription box is a gardening gift for moms that keeps on giving.

Subscription boxes can arrive monthly and are filled with gardening gifts that moms really want and need.

If you’re looking for some gardening subscription boxes to give, here are some I just love:

All of these gardening boxes are offered through Cratejoy and you can get a discount on your first box!

35. Gift card

Can’t think of any special gifts to give a gardening mom? You could always give them a gift card and let them do the choosing instead.

Some of the best gift card options for gardening moms include:

You can also stop by your local nursery or greenhouse to pick up a gift certificate.

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Best Gardening Gifts for Moms

Final thoughts on the best gardening gifts for moms

Finding a unique gift for a mom who loves to garden doesn’t have to be difficult. Any of these garden gift ideas could be a perfect choice for a mom (or other family members) who find joy in gardening.

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What are your favorite gardening gifts for moms?

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