8 Free Goal Setting Worksheets (For Moms and Kids!)

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Goal Setting Worksheets

Setting goals can be the best way to transform your finances, health and life. Goal-setting worksheets can make it easier to keep track of your progress when you’re working toward personal goals.

I’m a big fan of goal setting and having a growth mindset. The start of a new year is a great opportunity to start fresh. Each year, instead of planning New Year’s resolutions I take time to set goals instead.

But really, any time is a great time to think about different goals you might want to set. 

Creating actionable goals is a great idea for several reasons. Setting specific goals:

  • Helps you to create a long term vision
  • Provides intrinsic motivation in the short-term
  • Makes it easier to plan for big things (or little things) in an organized way
  • Encourages personal development

There are different types of goals you might be planning for in your own life.

For example, you might have health issues and weight loss is a big goal. Or you may just need a push to finally get around to tackling those home projects you’ve been putting off.

Goal setting worksheets are a useful tool for outlining the smaller steps you need to reach an important goal.

If you’re struggling to set actionable goals (or follow through on them), here’s some good news. Today, I’m sharing a free goal planner that can help you take goal-setting to the next level!

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How to Use a Goal Worksheet to Plan Your Goals

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Free Printable Goal Setting Worksheets

Downloading a free goal worksheet PDF is just the first step in setting attainable goals for yourself. Taking these action steps next can help set your goals in motion.

Step 1: Choose your goals

It seems obvious but the first thing to do is decide what goal (or goals) you want to work toward.

There are different types of goals you can set for yourself, including:

  • Short term goals
  • Long-term goals
  • Daily goals
  • Weekly goals
  • Monthly goals
  • Yearly goals
  • Business goals
  • Personal goals
  • Social goals (i.e. making new friends or getting your follower count up)

If you’re setting goals as part of your new year’s resolutions, a great way to come up with some ideas is to look back at the past year.

Ask yourself…

  • What did you want to do, but never got around to?
  • Are there potential problems you’d like to address with goal setting?
  • What would you like to focus on over the next 12 months to have your best year ever?
  • Are there any new skills you’d like to learn?
  • Do you have one big ultimate goal or lots of smaller goals you’d like to tackle?

Doing a little goal brainstorming can help you figure out where you want to go for the next year and what your main goal or goals should be. And introducing some new goals could help you breathe life into old goals you might have given up on.

Step 2: Get the right mindset

Setting short-term goals or long-term goals means you have to be committed. And that’s where having the right mindset comes in.

So ask yourself why you want to work toward an overall goal. This is important for helping you to stay motivated to reach it.

For example, say one of your goals is to save more money this year than you did the previous year.

So your motivation might look something like this:

I want to save more money this year because…

  • I want to have money in the bank in case an emergency comes along
  • I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck
  • I’m ready to clear out the clutter and stop wasting money on “stuff”
  • I want to work on teaching kids how to be responsible with money

Getting the right mindset is one of the most important parts of setting goals.

Depending on the goal, you might be working on it for a long time. So a positive mindset can be the most powerful tool you have for staying motivated and on track.

Step 3: Make your goals SMART

The best goals are arguably SMART goals.

S.M.A.R.T. goals and smart goal setting give you a framework for setting targets that you can actually reach. The Smart Method involves setting goals that are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time bound

Setting clear, measurable goals is important because it makes it much easier to make action plans to help you get there.

So let’s go back to the previous example of saving more money. This is a basic goal but you can make it S.M.A.R.T. instead.

So here’s what your clear goal might look like using the smart method:

I want to save $10,000 for emergencies in the next 12 months.

This goal checks off all the smart goal setting boxes.

  • It’s specific (you want to save $10,000 for emergencies)
  • It’s measurable (since you can track your savings progress month to month)
  • It’s achievable (assuming you’ve done the proper budget planning)
  • It’s realistic (again, assuming you’ve planned your budget)
  • It’s time-bound (you want to complete it within 12 months)

This type of goal setting system can help you outline actionable steps to take on a daily basis (or weekly or monthly) to achieve your goal. You can decide what the goal should be and how much time you want to take to achieve it.

Step 4: Create your goal setting plan

Once you’ve set S.M.A.R.T. goals it’s time to figure out the specific tasks involved.

Setting up a weekly plan is a great way to keep track of goals as you set them. You can figure out which things need to be done each week to help you achieve your goal within your chosen time frame.

So going back to our money-saving example, you might try something like a 52-week savings challenge.

This type of savings challenge has you saving a set amount of money each week in order to reach your goal. This approach to goal setting works because it outlines simple steps to follow for reaching achievable goals.

If you use a planner to stay organized, grab it and start planning. Again, you can create a weekly plan or pencil in tasks on a daily basis. Or you can plan your goals quarterly.

The most important thing is consistency. Once you’ve put your goals on paper, it’s easier to get started and stay committed.

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Free Printable Goal Setting Worksheets

Ready to set some goals? Having a simple goal setting worksheet to follow can be a huge help.

I created a simple worksheet set to help you plan your goals–and achieve them! I’ve personally used the following goal worksheets to map out some of my big and small goals over the years.

If you’re ready to crush your goals this year, these free printable worksheets are all yours. Just click on any of the images below to be taken to the Busy Mom Vault sign-up page.

From there, you can plug in your email address to get instant access to the free goal setting worksheets, along with lots of other freebies. (Please note these are for personal use only!)

weekly goals setting worksheet
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yearly goal setting worksheet #1
yearly goal setting worksheet #2
yearly goal setting worksheet #3
smart goals worksheet

Goal Setting Worksheets for Kids

So far, I’ve given you some free printable guides for goal setting as a busy mom. But kids might need a little help reaching their goals too!

So I’ve also got a free worksheet you can download and print out to help kids set goals of their own.

This fun printable worksheet can be a great way to get kids excited about setting goals. And they’ll have fun tracking their progress!

kids goal setting worksheet

Final thoughts on goal setting worksheets

Setting goals can help you makeover your life in ways you might not have even imagined!

If I hadn’t set a major goal years ago to increase my income, I wouldn’t have a successful business that allows me to stay home with my kids full-time. So as you think about what goals you want to achieve, don’t be afraid to think really BIG!

Don’t forget to grab your free goal breakdown worksheet templates in the Busy Mom Vault. And be sure to check out my favorite Busy Mom Resources for saving time, money and stress!

Good luck with reaching your dream goals!

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Printable Goal Setting Worksheets

Free Printable Goal Setting Worksheets

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