Ultimate Winter Bucket List: 50 Fun Things to Do This Winter!

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Winter Bucket List Ideas

Looking for some fun things to do in winter? Creating a winter bucket list can be a great way to enjoy the colder months as a family. 

As the new year begins and the holiday glow wears off, you might find yourself wishing you could skip the winter season and fast-forward to spring. But there are plenty of fun winter activities you can enjoy long after you’ve packed away the tree and the Christmas lights. 

Looking for some amazing winter activities to try?

Today, I’m sharing ideas for fun things to do as you while away the winter months!

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Fun Winter Activities to Do at Home

1. Spend time setting new year goals as a family. (Grab these free goal-setting worksheets to use as a guide!)

2. Make a pillow fort in the living room and have an indoor snowball fight.

3. Cut out paper snowflakes and tape them to the windows. 

4. Make homemade hot cocoa in the crockpot.

5. Have a movie marathon, starting with Frozen.

6. Make oven s’mores.

7. Make sock puppets and put on a puppet show or play.

8. Write a winter greetings letter to faraway family members.

9. Create simple bird feeders using toilet paper rolls.

10. Build a gingerbread house.

11. Read books about winter aloud. (Here are some great ideas!)

12. Have a family game night.

13. Cook a favorite meal or bake a favorite dessert together.

14. Make homemade snow globes.

15. Decorate the house with paper hearts for Valentine’s Day.

16. Get out markers, papers, crayons and other art supplies and make winter journals.

17. Try making some winter-themed slime.

18. Have a puzzle party (and to make it challenging, start in the center first!)

19. Write thank you notes for holiday gifts.

20. Take a virtual vacation somewhere warm and sunny. 

21. Make snow dough.

22. Try chocolate fondue at home for Valentine’s Day.

23. Make homemade Valentine cards or gifts.

24. Try some simple winter crafts together.

25. Make no-sew blankets to donate to a local homeless shelter.

26. Make pizza for National Pizza Day on February 9th.

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Outdoor Winter Activities for Families

27. Have a real snowball fight.

28. Build a snowman.

29. Sprinkle sunflower seeds and dried cranberries for the birds and other wildlife.

30. Go sledding.

31. Enjoy a winter nature walk.

32. Make snow angels.

33. Roast marshmallows over an open fire.

34. Have a winter picnic outdoors. 

35. Go ice skating or ice fishing.

36. Cuddle under a warm blanket and count the stars.

37. Volunteer as a family.

38. Go to a hockey game.

39. Try a winter photo scavenger hunt.

40. Go for a polar bear swim (if you live near the beach!)

41. Build basic birdhouses together.

42. Go camping.

43. Create a backyard obstacle course.

44. Try snow painting.

45. Make maple syrup snow candy.

46. Make frozen bubbles.

47. Deliver homemade cookies to first responders.

48. Go skiing.

49. Shovel your next-door neighbor’s driveway.

50. Round up old toys, clothes and books and drop them off at a local women and children’s shelter.

51. Track the sunrise and sunset each day as you count down the days to spring.

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Winter Bucket List for Moms

52. Declutter your home. (Less mess = less stress.)

53. Unplug from social media and do a temporary digital detox.

54. Set some goals for yourself if you haven’t gotten around to it yet.

55. Give yourself a pedicure or manicure.

56. Invest in a quality moisturizer (and use it!)

57. Get a good planner to help you stay organized.

58. Make your home cozy and comfortable with throw rugs, blankets or pillows.

59. Make a list of books you’d like to read in the new year.

60. Get a check-up.

61. Start the year off with a new journal.

62. Find a new podcast or two to listen to.

63. Get a head start on your spring cleaning list.

64. Treat yourself to a self-care gift for Valentine’s Day.

65. Test out some new winter recipes.

66. Sleep in on the weekends.

67. Try making a vision board or keeping an illustrated journal. (This book explains how it works!)

68. Learn a new hobby. 

69. Plan a romantic date night at home with your significant other and create a couples bucket list together.

70. Plan a date night at home with yourself if you need some quiet time alone.

71. Write a letter to an old friend or a family member you haven’t spoken to lately.

72. Replace all your old undergarments and socks with new ones.

73. Plant an indoor herb garden or start collecting seeds to plant flowers in the spring.

74. Decorate with nature’s help–try pine cones, dried berries or flowers and moss.

75. Brew homemade potpourri on the stove to make your home smell warm and inviting. 

Winter Bucket List Free Printable

Need a simple way to keep up with your fun winter activities?

I’ve got a free printable you can download!

This free bucket list printable makes it easy to keep track of all the things you do over the winter. 

Just click on either of the images below (there’s a winter bucket list printable for moms and one for kids!) and you’ll be taken to the Busy Mom Vault signup page. Plug in your email and the free printable bucket list template will be on its way to you, along with lots of other free printables!

winter bucket list printable for moms
winter bucket list printable for kids

What is a winter bucket list?

A winter bucket list is a list of fun things to do in winter.

You can create a bucket list of things to do as a family, a couples bucket list or a bucket list of winter activities you want to try solo!

What do you put on a winter bucket list?

The best things to put on a bucket list for winter are things that you’ll enjoy doing or have always wanted to try. 

Winter bucket list ideas don’t have to cost a lot of money, though some might require you to spend a little. And there are plenty of fun winter activities to do at home if you’d prefer not to venture out into the cold. 

What are 10 winter activities you can do as a family?

There are plenty of winter activities you can do with a child in tow. Some of the most fun ways to enjoy the winter season include:

Final thoughts on creating a bucket list for winter

Winter is a perfect time to slow down and really enjoy one another as a family. There are so many things you can do together (or by yourself) to help make the winter season a little brighter. 

If you don’t have any fun family traditions you follow through the winter months yet, now is a great time to create some!

Before you go, be sure to check out my favorite Busy Mom Resources for saving time, money and stress!

Need more bucket list ideas? Here are 101 fun and frugal things to do with kids at home!

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